Don't stress.

Just dress.

Your new fashion assistant app will help you decide what to wear and buy.

Too. Many. Times.

  • We forget what we have in our wardrobe.

  • We regret what we wore, once we're already out and it's too late.

  • We regret what we bought, because nothing in our closet would go nicely with it.

NO more regrets. With Vispo.

bring your wardrobe with you. Always.

Now you can take a look at your entire wardrobe whenever you want to. At the distance of a touch.

DRess like your most beautiful self.

Vispo carefully chooses the perfect outfit to wear for every occasion and weather, using your own clothes.

Go shopping like a fashion icon.

Vispo gives you personalized suggestions about what clothes to buy that would make the perfect fit with your existing wardrobe.

be free. Finally.

Get back the freedom to dedicate to your clothes and personal style just the time you’d like.

add an Italian touch to your style.

Vispo is made by Italian fashion experts.
If there are two things Italian people can do,
those are food and fashion.
So you can't go wrong.

Time and energy spent for personal fashion should be a pleasure, not an obligation.

Dress beautiful.
Get your time back.

Available for Android


Get FREE personal 1on1 fashion & styling advice on your looks
directly from us.

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